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Necrotian Races: Beastmen

((please notify me if you are thinking about becoming a harpy or a merkin))


A recent advance in Necrotian soceity has effectively put one of our greatest natural resources on the market.  Necros is rich with many different races, from elves, demons, angels, to unicircs, lepoblancs and Hosfas.  Now, through the gene splicing procedure developed by the Osimo corporation of Sheol, one need not stay with the race granted to them at birth.  Gain powers, build new relationships, learn a new language, all available through the miracle market that is race splicing.  here is a catalogue of all the races in Necros as well as a quick quide to whether or not they are available via the procedure.

D: Archne: Archne are a variant of the beastman classes.  They are spider-like humans.  Archne stand at about normal human size but have several unique features.  An archne has eight eyes and fangs.  They also have web glands on the palms of their hands.  Once an archne is enraged, they can grow extra arms and are able to defy gravity as any bug can do.  Archne feed on living prey and are therefore unwelcomed in many cities.  However, some make it by by wearing coverings over their eyes and eating in secret.  Archne make excellent prison wards and are heavily abundant on the island of Vulcan.  Archne are available through splicing with a karma rating of -15 and below. National balance for an Archne is Sheolian.

D: Naga:  Naga are a variant of the beastman classes.  A naga is a snake-human.  Naga are cold blooded and must maintain a constant body temperature to survive. Naga possess fangs and are able to deliver a poisonous bite.  Naga are quick and perceptive, as well as capable of infrared vision.  Naga’s have distinctive slitted eyes and dark skin.  They are often very muscular and able to hold onto and climb about any surface.  Naga have no hair on any part of their body and are able to live off of food for a long time.  When enraged, a Naga loses its legs and grows a snake like tail.  It also gains the ability to spit venom and eat things much larger than itself.  Naga are employed on Vulcan as interrogators as their IR vision allows them to see if a person is lying or not.  Naga are available through race splicing with a karma rating of  -20 or below.  It is recommended that the less muscular do not become Naga as the predatory needs are quite demanding.  National balance must be either Archimedean or Sheolian.

D: Lycanthrope:  A Lycanthrope is a werewolf race.  Lycanthropy is a disease borne race.  All Lycanthropes possess great strength and keen senses.  Their abilities become immensely greater during the full moon.  Lycanthropes physically resemble normal people on all days but the full moon, however, on the moon they become incredibly wolf-like and grow large fangs.  Their sight however, is the only thing diminished in the full moon.  During a full moon lycanthropes must rely on smell to navigate.  Their bites also possess the ability to transfer the disease.  Lycanthropes are not available via race splicing due to the incredibly hostile nature they display.

D: Harpies:  Harpies are a combination of bird and humanoid. Harpies are in many ways analogous to merfolk.  Their wings are retractable, though their power grows exponentially when flying.  In addition, harpies, like merfolk, are divided into kingdoms.  With each kingdom being a spliceable race.  A harpy is identified to be of a certain kingdom by the color of their eyes. Each Harpy kingdom has different abilities attributed to it.  All kingdoms are spliceable, given the proper specifications.
Red – Macaw
Orange – Hummingbird
Yellow – Eagle
Green – hawk
Blue – falcon
Indigo – condor
Violet – Quail
White – Swan
Black – Owl
Crystal - Ostrich

D: Centaurs: Centaurs are the half horse creatures.  Few creatures are faster than a centaur and even fewer are better archers.  Centaurs have long inhabited Necros and are a proud race. Centaurs have one ability which very few other beastmen possess. A centaur can talk to animals.  While the great animals can talk in human tongue, most normal animals are trapped in their own languages. A centaur is the bridge between them and often act as pioneers to found settlements by making agreements with native animals.  Centaurs possess uncanny senses and great physical strength as well as speed.  A centaur is available via race splicing with a national balance of Doppelekereft or Archimede and a karma rating of 20 or above.

D: Merfolk: Merfolk are the combination of the fish and humanoids. Merfolk do not have to live bound to the water, however their strength grows exponentially when they are in their native waves.  Merfolk are indicated by their shimmering skin, lack of eye-whites, and the long, flowing flags that hang from their heads, representing by their color which variant of merfolk they belong to.
Red-Flying fish
Orange- octopi
Yellow – eel
green – dolphin
blue – shark
indigo – ray
violet – angelfish
white – marlin
black – viperfish
crystal – archerfish
Merfolk are well-respected in much of Necrotian society and are excellent at most trades they participate in. When in the water, a merfolk transforms into a half-fish half human and their looks vary depending on what their variant is.  Merkin are available via race splicing with different national balances and different karma levels depending on the intended variant.

D: Entolites: Entolites are half mantis, half humanoid.  Entolites physically are tall and slender with greenish skin and sharp claws.  Entolites, when fighting, will contract their claw-like hands into a single drill like arm. Entolites have silent-step abilities and have the ability of flight.  Entolites have excellent skills of balance and make excellent assassins. Entolites lack social skills and follow a strict code of honor.  When enraged, an entolite gains the ability to see in full panoramic view and gain the ability to grow multiple spear-like arms from their primary arms. Entolites are available via race splicing with a karma rating of either perfect 0 or -40 and below, as well as a national balance of Doppelekereft, or Archimede.

D: Camonite: Camonites are half lizard, half humanoid. Camonites are physically average and have dry, scaly skin. Camonites possess the unique abilities of limb regeneration, and skin color changing.  Camonites have panoramic vision and are incredibly easy to spot due to their horns.  Camonites make excellent spies.  When enraged, a Camonite gains the ability to climb on walls, their tongue gains the ability to act as a stretchable whip or rope.  In addition, their color changing abilities go on to become abilities to change into another being temporarily.  Camonites also have the ability to make temporary doppelgangers of themselves by shedding their skin, which acts independently of the body for a given amount of time. Camonites are available via race splicing with a national balance of Doppelekereft or Nod and a karma level of 30 or above.

D: Jackanapes: Jackanapes are half hare half humanoid.  Jackanapes have very large feet and can jump off of nearly any surface. Jackanapes also have amazing hearing and amazing virility.  Jackanapes are faster than even centaurs when it comes to sprinting however they have low endurance and low strength.  Jackanapes are quick in nearly every aspect from running to thinking.  Jackanapes are often times the first to see through illusions and come up with plans.  Jackanapes are available via race splicing with a national balance of Doppelekereft and a karma rating of 30 or above.

D: Cervidexus: Cervidexus are the final of the great beast races, they are the combination of the elk people and the humanoids.  Cervidexae have the body of a human and the head of an elk.  They possess great physical agility, as well as strength.  Cervidae tend to be excellent martial artists.  Cervidexus, when in rage mode, grow a satyr-like waist and become much more agile.  Cervidexae are able to do various types of profession, and are available through race splicing with a national balance of any nation and a karma rating of -5 and 5.



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