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Necrotian Races: Elemental


A: Zephads: Physical qualities: Zephads tend to be of average height. Their hair is white and their skin has a bluish color to it.  Their eyes are always light blue.  Zephads tend to have a skinny build and are not great in the areas of physical strength.  However, they make up for this in their abilities.  Zephads have the ability to communicate and merge with the wind.  They make excellent trackers or scouts in that they can hear discrepancies in the wind from miles away.  They can also vaporize into thin air for a brief amount of time, and travel as though they were the wind itself.   Zephads tend to be very caring towards other races and are incredibly devoted to whatever cause they might join.  Their tactics might seem strange at times, but they are incredibly creative and can become amazing artists.  Zephads are available via race splicing.  Karma points must be at true neutral and national balance must be Archimedean to splice into a Zephad.

A: Hosfa: Hosfa are a very unique Archimedean race.  Hosfa, unlike the other races of Archimede, do not rely on an element of nature for their power. Instead, they rely on technology and are considered the world’s greatest hackers.  A hosfa generally has up to 49 fingers, and is often cybernetically modified.  A hosfa is a small creature that is often considered vulnerable to sunlight.  Hosfa’s are seen as outcasts and heretics by the nature-loving citizens of Archimede. However, it is mainly because of them that Archimede has continued to exist, as they are the nation’s only communication to the outside world.  Hosfa are able to hack into nearly any machine hooked up to a network and are employed extensively by Vulcan. Hosfa are a spliceable race with proper training by either a Hosfa general, Vulcan, or Dharma Inc. of Doppelekereft, as well as a national balance of Archimede.

A: Changelings:  Changelings are a strange type of variant race.  They are something of a cross between elementals and humans in that, like elementals, they have the ability to morph and change form.  However, unlike elementals, they have a fixed original form which is entirely human.  These beings can transform into anything of a particular element.  (think like a logia fruit user)  However, compared to elementals, their mantic controls are much less significant.  In addition, they suffer incredibly when exposed to opposing elements. (if a fire changeling gets splashed with water at any time, he’s gonna be hurting).  Changelings can live amongst society like normal humans and as such, are less likely to be able to turn into the pure elements (earth, water, fire, wind) and are more likely to have control and able to turn into variants like wood, lightning, smoke, etc.  Unlike other beings of elemental races though, changelings powers do not deviate beyond simple transformation and manipulation.  For example, they would lack the zephads ability to listen to the wind.  Changelings were originally a race available by splicing, however, they have since been withdrawn due to complaints from elemental purists.  However, some black market splice artists are able to perform the procedure.

A: Titans: Titans are an Archimedean race and a supreme elemental race.  Titans embody natural disasters, and are essentially lesser elemental races that are incredibly powerful and destructive by nature.  Titans tend to tower in size and live in colonies with one another.  Titans tend to control one type of disaster each, such as drought, tornado, floods, blizzards, etc.  Titans are revered as agents of the deities in many cultures on Archimede, as their destruction has often been key to winning many battles and many nations winning wars.  Titans are not a spliceable race and are very rarely seen.

A: Yuhara:  Yuhara are an Archimedean race based around the element of ice.  Yuharans are descended from Naiads and physically are tall with long white hair, light skin, and blank eyes.  Yuharans can create ice, become ice, and reform themselves from ice.  Yuharans cannot survive in places of extreme heat, and trying to make ice in these places will oftentimes fail.  Yuharan’s are fast and able to climb up any surface capable of supporting ice.  Yuharans are a spliceable race with a balance of Archimede or Lumina and a karma rating of 15 or above.

A: Golem: Golems are considered a variant of elementals.  Golems tend to stand about 7 to 8 feet tall and are made out of a hard, mineral-like material.  A golem is physically very strong though is emotionally very stoic.  Golems are solitary creatures and do not tend to associate with others of their kind.  Golems have the ability, like zephads, to merge with and listen to their matron element. (Earth).  Golems are very much incapable of complex thought processes and are much more brute force type of characters.  A golem’s potential for good or evil is determined by their nation.  Golems are spliceable, with karma points needing to be between -5 and 5.  National balance for a golem is either Sheolian or Luminan.

A: Dryad:  A Dryad tends to be of short to average height.  Their hair is long and usually has plants growing in it.  The skin of a Dryad is of a greenish tint and their eyes are golden.  Dryads possess the ability to merge with plants and can communicate with the world.  Dryads possess latent chloromancy and are able to photosynthesize for energy.  Dryads have a unique ability to heal with their breath and a latent knowledge of medical herbs.  Dryads are a race available via splicing with a karma ranking of 25 or above and a national balance of Archimede.

A: Naiads:  Naiads tend to be taller than their wood based siblings.  Naiads have a gray tint to their body as well as white hair that is always wavy.  Naiads possess the ability to merge with water and have latent powers of echolocation and aquamancy.  Naiads can recover from many injuries by forming new limbs from water.  Naiads tend to be less timid than Dryads, but are often times less friendly and more prone to trickery.  Naiads are available via race splicing with a national balance of Doppelekereft and a karma rating of 25 or above.

A: Efreet: Efreet are an Archimedean elemental race of fire.  An efreet tends to stand at nearly seven feet tall and is visually characterized by their flame-like fur and their horns. Efreet, unlike their fellow elemental races, are not able to talk with fire.  This tends to make an efreet very self-absorbed and without empathy.  Efreet are able to transform into flame, conjure fire, and create lightning (though this is very advanced).  Efreet may stay in blaze mode as long as there is oxygen to burn.  However, a downside to being an efreet is that blaze mode is often hard to control, setting off when emotional extremes are reached, thus causing efreet to be referred to as a cursed race. Efreet are spliceable with a national balance of Archimede or Nod and a karma rating of 20 or above.

A: Esper: Espers are an Archimedean race which possess instances of telepathy.  An esper is able to move things with his/her mind and able to sense phenomena and power sources in the world.  Unlike the other elementals of Archimede, an esper does not communicate with a natural element, but instead, is able to empathize and communicate directly into the minds of others.  An esper cannot read another person’s thoughts, but may hold a conversation with them in complete and utter silence.  Espers look no different from many elves.  Espers are a spliceable race with a national balance of Archimede or Doppelekereft and a karma rating of -15 through 15.



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