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Necrotian Races: Metaphysical


N: Hexagunners: Hexagunners are a relatively rare race manufactured by the Dream king.  Hexagunners are mechanical and each possess a personality trait that they embody to the teeth.  Hexagunners are always equipped with various types of weapons that have different effects depending on the hexagunners personality.  Probably the most unique feature of a Hexagunner is their ability to morph into any metal and add any nearby metal onto their body.  Hexagunner’s are only available to be spliced on the island of Nod.  A person’s karma level must be inhuman (extreme), and a person’s national balance must either be Doppelekereft, Sheol, or Nod.

N: Unicircs: Unicircs are a dream race based around the concept of time.  Unicircs tend to be shorter than most humans and are mechanical. Unicircs have a control over time and wield this advantage effectively during battle.  However, the unicircs control over time is limited to themselves and those around them.  A unicirc cannot age a building or bring people back to the dawn of time. They can merely rewind/stop/fast forward/etc.  Unicircs are able to be spliced by the dream king with a karma of between -7 and positive 12 and a national balance of Nod.

N: Duopushers: Duopushers are one of the ten mechanical races crafted by the dream king.  A duopusher is generally large and possesses a muscular physique.  Duopushers have weapons crafted into most parts of their bodies, such as guns in their hands, and rockets in their feet.  Their most powerful abilities however, stem from their ability to control force.  This means that they control gravity and the force applied to an object. In combat, this means that a duopusher which simply touches an enemy may send them flying at incredibly high speeds. A duopusher needs to touch an enemy before they can control the forces applied to that enemy. For example, a duopusher controls the ability of push and pull, so if they wanted to find someone, they could not simply drag that person to them by reversing the forces of that persons body.  However, if the duopusher has touched the person before, they may drag them from any place in Necros.  The only way to break free of a duopushers control of body forces is to race splice into a different race.  Duopushers are available via race splicing with a national balance of Nod and a karma rating of -20 or below.

N: Triburners: Triburners are another of the ten mechanical races created by the dream king.  A triburner is of medium height and is usually indicated by their tendency of dress, which usually is adapted for very cold climates, or incredibly hot climates.  A triburner controls the elements of temperature and thermal energy.  They can drain all heat from a room, causing it to become freezing.  They can also charge the molecules in the air to create heat in their surroundings and in objects, such as weapons or in others.  A triburner can use this ability for good or for evil, triburners have been used as doctors for their ability to instantly stabilize fevers and hypothermia in patients, however, they can also easily kill by freezing a person or by boiling them from the inside.  Triburners cannot actually produce ice from their body.  They can, however, morph water into ice and then wield that. Triburners are only available via race splicing from the dream king himself.

N: Quatrafiers: Quatrafiers are a mechanical race of Nod, they normally look very unassuming and almost human.  Their personalities are generally reflected by which aspect of sound they prefer to control.  Quatrafiers possess the ability to amplify, silence, redirect, or create sound.  They can make it so that they make no sound when approaching a target, or they could amplify a certain noise to painful degrees.  In addition, a quatrafier may perfectly imitate another’s voice after hearing them only once. Quatrafiers may also redirect sound, for example, if a quatrafier wanted to hear a conversation going on just out of earshot, they could redirect the sound to encompass their area as well, and therefore, hear the conversation from a much larger distance.  Quatrafiers are universally blind and must navigate either via echolocation or via vibration detection in the ground.  Quatrafiers make very good scholars and weather prophets in that they can hear storms in the distance, as well as learn any language after hearing it once by using their powers of imitation.  Quatrafiers also share a language which they themselves created and only they can hear and communicate in.  Quatrafiers are a spliceable race with a national balance of Nod as well as a karma level of 0.

N:  Pentahoppers: Pentahoppers control the element of space.  A pentahopper’s appearance varies greatly, though they tend to be large and limber. A pentahopper possesses the ability to teleport and to produce clones of themselves. Pentahoppers also possess the ability of shape changing which allows them to assume any shape they choose, as long as they maintain their structural integrity. For example, a pentahopper cannot transform into an elephant, he can however, transform into the shape of an elephant.  Pentahopper’s are only spliceable via the dream king.

N: Hectagaters: Hectagaters control the element of cause and tend to look very unassuming.  A hectagater is able to use any ability if it serves the purpose for which they are created.  This purpose varies greatly from gater to gater and as such, has caused Hectagaters to be banned from any further production.  Hectagaters do not tend to be physically strong or able unless the situation calls for it so that they may continue their initial programmed goal.

N: Octobenders: Octobenders are the mechanical race which controls the element of mind.  An octobender is able to warp perception, read minds, and unlock memories and cure mental ailments.  Octobenders do not possess many physical abilities and must instead rely on their ability of mind to see them through.  An octobender may warp people’s perception of him into that of another person, they may also overload a persons mind and make others think the target is schizophrenic.  Octobenders may read a persons mind and can awaken repressed memories or make them forget key facts.  Octobenders are employed greatly on the island of Vulcan in the division of corrections.  Octobenders are spliceaable but have been illegalized by Vulcan.

N: Nonamovers: Nonamovers control the element of motion and movement.  Nonamovers tend to have the appearance of a normal human with extendable arms and legs.  A Nonamovers elemental control stems from the ability of movement.  A nonamover can change a persons velocity, polarity, or other functions of movement.  Nonamovers are a spliceable race with a national balance of Nod and a karma rating of -15 or below or 15 and above.

N: Decamist: A decamist is the mechanical race of the element of object.  Decamists also have an incredibly variant of racial appearances.  A decamist is not much of a fighter, however, is a giant inventory.  A decamist possesses the ability to transform into any object that a decamist is has used before. For example, if a decamist has used a potion before, they can transform into a potion and may do so all the time.  Decamists may also transform parts of their body into various weapons that they have used or been hit by before.  Decamists are spliceable only by the dream king himself.



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