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Necrotian Races: Angelic

L: Angels:  Angels are the parallel to demons in Necros.  Angels are unattainable via race splicing and, like demons, can only be attained via performing certain acts.  Angels may have any national balance except for Sheolian, where they are executed.  Angels all possess some form of holy magic.  This allows them to return a course of events that has fallen into chaos back to a norm.  Angels, unlike demons, have a distinctive physical mark. Angels all have wings and possess the ability of flight.  Whether an angel’s wings protrude from his/her back, from his/her arms, or are multiple in number depends on various factors.  Angel’s are not as numerous as demons though this is mainly due to political tidings of Necros.

L: Paledonians: Paledonians are an angelic race made purely to fight for a deity.  Paledonians are able to directly infuse with deities when in meditation induced trances, and have access to great power.  Paledonians tend to reflect values of their intended deity in their appearance.  Deities who value great strength will have paledonians that are very burly, whereas deities who value cunning will have paledonians with stealth abilities galore.  Paledonians are only a spliceable race by having a national balance of Lumina, complete devotion to a deity, and a karma balance of either under -100, at  0, or above 100.

L: Siren: Siren’s are the Luminan equivalent to Sheol’s banshees. Their main powers revolve around their voice.  Siren’s possess the ability of flight and can lure people into a state of hypnotic control with their voice.  A siren’s weakness is that the people they control must be within a distance where they can hear a siren give commands.  Siren’s are generally female, though some males have been reported. While males have less vocal control over a target, they do possess infinite flight, which means that, unlike their female counterparts, they can take off from the ground and stay in the air as long as they please.  Siren’s are available via race splicing with a national balance of Lumina and a karma level of 30 or higher.

L: Faerie: Faerie are an angelic race descended from a mix of angel and demon.  As such, faerie are often seen as an abomination to other angelic races.  Nevertheless, the creatures align themselves with Lumina, and are thus referred to as angelic.  Faerie have shimmering white hair and tan skin. Faerie tend to stand of a less than average height, and are rather feminine in appearance.  A faerie’s main power, however, is one to be feared. A Faerie possesses the innate ability of Corpumancy, the control of the body.  Assuming that an enemy has a relatively normal structure, a faerie may simply name a part of the opponents body and then maintain complete control over it.  Faerie are often faered and persecuted for this strange feat and as such are known as the fringe-walkers, as their very blood is fouled by demon inheritance.  Faerie are a gene-spliceable race with a national balance of Lumina or Sheol and a karma rating of 30 or above.

L: Pixy: Pixies are a very miniscule angelic race.  Pixies appear to be only about 5 inches tall at the most, with small wings, though their bodies look otherwise normal.  Pixies main ability lies in their ability to cure nearly any disease. As for offense, Pixies can adjust their size as they see fit, oftentimes, a pixy will fly into an opponent and then rapidly expand themselves. Pixies are spliceable race with the national balance of Lumina or Archimede and a karma rating of 20 or above.

L: Eldarin: Eldarin are considered purified elves.  They are a cross between angels and the elven folk.  Eldarin are able to call upon the powers of nature at all times to aid them in battle, however, in a strange twist, an eldarin fights best with their nature spirits in areas bereft of natural life.  The spirits in these places are particularly vengeful, and their vengeance is fed by the eldarin.  Eldarin physically are shorter than elves with shining hair, and monochromatic eyes. They oftentimes have markings on them.  Eldarin are very solitary creatures and are not available via race splicing.

L: Lepoblancs: Lepoblancs are an angelic race manufactured through experimentation on the continent of Lumina.  Lepoblancs are very pale in skin tone and have pigment-less hair. Their eyes are normally red and their physical abilities tend to be weak, apart from a great amount of speed. A lepoblanc’s main ability of notice is their ability to learn any power of any other race, given enough time to learn it.  A lepoblanc can learn any power of a race they have spent long enough time with, except for highly advanced powers, powers of the metaphysical, or powers of the holders.  Because of this, paired with their incredibly long longevity, Lepoblanc’s are often used in Lumina society to carry on the teachings and arts of a master priest long after the priests death.  Lepoblanc’s however, are often treated very low in Necrotian society, due to their lacking of any innate powers.  Lepoblanc’s are a spliceable race given a national balance of Lumina and a karma rating of 20 or above.

L: Comeri: Comeri are an angelic race that possess the unique ability of communicating with the dead. A comeri is able to communicate with spirits of any time period and use their knowledge to supplement their own. A comeri may also integrate with a spirit temporarily to gain some of their physical capabilities.  Comeri vary in terms of appearance, but all must carry a relic that allows them to channel the spirits of the dead.  In addition, another distinguishing characteristic is that all possess violet irises.  Comeri are well-respected in most societies, and hold a type of rivalry with lyches, given that the two are the only races able to use the dead in a fight, though they differ in manner of use.  It is possible to become a comeri with enough training and a national balance of Archimede or Lumina.

L: Isra: Isra, like Lepoblancs, are a race created by genetic experimentation.  They are similar to Lepoblanc’s in many ways, their main difference being that they can physically fuse themselves with another in order to gain that other’s memories and powers.  If the one being fused is healthy, then the fusion is temporary, and may last for a single fight to lend the Isra greater power.  However, if an opponent is weak, then the Isra may absorb them and retain either their powers or memories, though not both. Isra are a spliceable race given a karma rating of 25 or more and a national balance of Lumina.

L: Arisaelites: Again, very similar to the Isra and the Lepoblancs, an Arisaelite possesses one ability which lends them power.  This ability is the ability to divide themselves into multiple beings, each with a specific proficiency.  Examples are physical strength, speed, magic, etc.  Arisaelites were not created by the citizens of Lumina however, and are considered a divine race.  Arisaelites are a non-spliceable race.



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