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Continents of Necros

 Archimede: Archimede is considered the oldest nation of Necros.  It was the home of the great Ceres, who, in the year 3, set out on an expedition to sail across all of Necros and create a map. This map has been slightly altered over time but has remained the standard map taught in all Necrotian schools.  Archimede is in the center of the world and is guarded over by the guardian spirit, Yig.  Archimede is home to the “unmatched” races. The races which were neither meant to be agents of light, dark, or dream, and were not reflections of Earth.  Such races included the elves, elementals, and the great beasts.  Archimede has no capitol and no central government to run it. As such, the nation of Archimede stays politically neutral, preferring to maintain themselves as a world heritage site for Necros.  As such, their methods tend to reflect old teachings and the inhabitants are very close to nature. The inhabitants of Archimede are distrustful of others and are very in tune to nature, calling the cultivation of the planet the greatest tragedy of the times.  A national balance of Archimedean gives one the ability to communicate with animals and a very keen perception about nature.

Sheol: South of Archimede lies the continent of Sheol. Geographically, Sheol is mostly mountainous and desert, with swampy basins at the valleys of the mountains.  The capitol of Sheol is the city of Abaddon.  Sheol is noted for having a long running conflict with the continent of Lumina.  The two nations have warred for years over conflict of ideologies and are very competitive toward one another.  Sheol’s primary population consists of demons as well as wayward beings which align themselves with the darkness.  A nation of science and industry, Sheol was the first nation to innovate gene splicing to the masses.   They are also primarily responsible for many of the technological advancements used throughout Necros.  Sheol’s guardian spirit is Yhoundeh.  Sheol also encompasses the Holder Islands. A series of many islands that stretch all across the world.  The inhabitants of these islands align themselves with different nations, however, the majority have answered to Sheol, making the islands Sheol territory.   Sheolians have had a rough past with humans. This shows in their permission of human hunting when a group of humans are spotted.  A national balance of Sheol allows one to read a demon’s powers after merely meeting them, as well as grant a power boost to the person in question at night.

Doppelekereft: Necros’ largest nation, covering over 2/3rds of the globe.  Doppelekereft is considered the hub of civilization.  It has many notable cities and plenty of traders from all over the world. The East coast is more industrialized than the west coast and is lined with all sorts of cities.  Each city is built by a proprietor and functions basically as that proprietors land.  All business ventures within are sponsored by the proprietor and in turn, the proprietor works to provide a sort of central government for those citizens of his city.  So in a sense, each city is a business.  The only central government of Doppelekereft is a parliament run by Dharma Inc., located in the city of Crowley.  The parliament has little to no function beyond representing Doppelekereft at all meetings between the continents as well as acting as a sort of central bank to entrepreneurs looking to start new city-franchises.  They also deal in removing defunct entrepreneurs from power.  Doppelekereft was formed mainly by Sheolians and Archimedean’s who had become adapted to more human ways of life. Thus, when the great schism occurred, some of these creatures sought to found their own nation that would try to be as human as possible.  They settled the untamed land of Doppelekereft.  Doppelekereftians tend to be very proud of their heritage and identity as citizens of Doppelekereft.  They boast that their society was founded by Necortians who had overcome their differences of nation for a vision of a better society.  Doppelekereft stays a neutral provider in the war between Sheol and Lumina.  They fight for neither side, but provide for both in trade.  However,  Doppelekereft has a dark secret.  The central Necrotian government gives nations their power merit based on population and land area.  Doppelekereft, possessing the majority in both categories, has the most influence over world affairs, and could in fact, stop the war if they so wished by denying supplies to both Lumina and Sheol.  However, they do not as it is a steady source of income.  A nation founded on greed, pride, and superiority, Doppelekereft mirrors the best and worst sides of humanity.  The guardian spirit of Doppelekereft is Eihorg. A national balance of Doppelekereft will protect one in nearly all business ventures as it instantly ties a person both to Dharma Inc. and a city-business of their choice as a human investor. (i.e. In exchange for some of their energy, the companies will pay this person for nearly all ventures)

Lumina: Necros’ second smallest nation in terms of land mass.  Lumina lies to the north of Archimede.   Lumina is the oldest nation in Necros apart from Archimede.  When the mages were cast away from Archimede, they landed to the north on Lumina.  The land was mountainous and riddled with dangerous creatures.  However, the settlers trekked inland and after an arduous journey, they found a settling place.  A large crater in the middle of the mountain range.  However, unlike other craters, this crater was fraught with life.  Plants grew abundantly, the soil was fresh, and there were plenty of supplies to start a settlement.  One day, a young boy wandered off into the woods surrounding the settlement and ran across a sun spirit.  The spirit Pallor.  This was the only sighting of a Sun spirit in the entirety of Necrotian history.  The citizens of the settlement deemed their land blessed and from there they grew.  Lumina is a land rooted in tradition and faith toward the Gods.  Lumina has no one guardian spirit.  Many of the citizens there learn to be priests of different high gods.  The land was discovered to be able to support any spectral creature summoned there. (whereas other nations can only have certain deities summoned).  Lumina and Sheol are currently in a ceasefire of war.  Preferring an economic cold war to a hot war.  This peace is maintained by the presence of Vulcan, who prefer to keep the war as low on casualties as possible.  A national balance of Lumina grants one a power burst during the day as well as a guardian spirit which a person may summon at any point to aid them.

Nod:  The strangest of all Necros’ continents.  Nod is a moving island nation.  The island has only one natural point on it, the castle of Somnis.   The rest of the nation is formed by the dream king, a powerful mage and complete sovereign ruler of Nod.  Nod stays neutral to most political conflicts, preferring merely to observe.  However, the dream king is kind in that wherever his island drifts, he will have his people heal the wounded, offer traveling opportunities, and provide message service.  The dream king is one of the few immortal beings in Necros.  As such, he views his immortality as a responsibility and chooses to stay out of the way of politics and wars.  “The world is defined not by the desires of the past, but by the dreams of the future held by the citizens today.”  That being said, the dream king is still a very influential figure, and has played ambassador for many countries during wars before.  The citizens of Nod are fleeting.  Few organic beings take up residence for long.  The main beings that live on Nod are the Dream Kings’ metaphysical mechanical races. Any organic being on Nod comes from one continent mainly in commuting to other continents.  The only consistent organic citizens are the dream king himself and his royal entourage.  Nod has no guardian spirit, though is given political sovereignty as a nation due to the nature of its ruler. A national balance of Nod grants one the protection of the Dream King, meaning one is made immune to certain demoralizing effects such as poison, sleep predation, and paralysis.

Vulcan:  The man-made island of Vulcan stands as the central government tower of Necros.  It lies in the Northeastern seas.   The island of Vulcan was founded at the end of the imperial era and was determined to be the new site of the judicial body of Necros.  Vulcan’s primary feature is a large complex of buildings that covers the majority of the island known as the Tower of Justice.  It is actually less of a courtroom and more of an entire government building in itself.  The main function of the Tower of Justice is to maintain social order and make sure that no nation begins disobeying international treaty.   The “citizens” of Vulcan are actually all from other nations.  Every time a new space in the Tower of Justice is opened, a newborn baby is sent to Vulcan to be raised purely for that job.  Babies are taken so as to maintain neutrality in decision making, an absolute necessity for the Vulcanites.  However, at the age of 18, aVulcanite has an opportunity known as “roads of destiny” in which they may venture off to visit the other nations of the world for one year and decide whether they wish to join the rest of Necrotian society, or remain Vulcanite.  The workers of Vulcan seem to be devoid of any central leader.  This does not mean that there is not one, it simply means that he or she is not known to be this by the rest of Necros.  It is impossible to gain a national balance of Vulcan as there is no lord(s) of the nation.



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